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With an RSD Maze Bootcamp You Will...

Receive lessons and exercises are tailored for you and your precise sticking points, this personalized plan will “unstick” you from your last bits of confusion and rocket launch your game to awe inspiring levels.
Learn to unleash your sexual energy. Your body language and nonverbal communication is analyzed and corrected on the spot. Not close enough? Not projecting confidence? The speed and way that you move, the confidence that you carry yourself with, and the sexual energy you bring to the girls you meet… your instructor will see it all and remedy it immediately.
How to design your nights to become more exciting, epic, and glorious. Stop bashing your head against the wall and start smashing girls against the wall. Generate the ability to go out and consistently pull.
Feel the ENERGY AND ENGAGEMENT that an instructor brings to his game and how that fuels his success. Model him and a stream of gorgeous girls will follow.

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BONUS 1: Lifetime Pass to RSD World Summit and RSD Winter Summit - $2,000 Value
BONUS 2: 30-Minute 1-on-1 Skype Coaching Call with Maze - $250 value
BONUS 3: 1-Hour Exclusive Julien Post-Bootcamp Advice Interview - $150 Value
BONUS 4: Maze's Official DM SLIDE GUIDE - $100 value
BONUS 5: 1-Year Post-Bootcamp Email Accountability Support with Maze - $400 Value
BONUS 6: One Free Day of Vegas Immersion - $299 Value
BONUS 7: 20% Off Any RSD Digital Product Within 30 Days After Your Bootcamp - Up To $220 Value

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