Prepare Yourself For A High-Octane 3-Day Pickup Romp With RSD's FRESHEST Instructor

What up?! Ev here,

For this Black Friday, I am inviting you to join me for a life-accelerating Bootcamp weekend, where we are going to hit up the hottest spots and take home the hottest girls in the city you choose below.

My Bootcamp is extreme, and jam-packed with every lesson you will ever need to learn to get stupid successful in your sex life. You will have me by your side and in your ear ALL WEEKEND, giving you the exact next step in EVERY INTERACTION.

My coaching style is aggressive and EFFECTIVE. By the end of our weekend together you are going to see with crystal clarity the path you need to walk to fill your life with an abundance of hot girls.

Sounds killer right? Sign on for Bootcamp during this Black Friday offer and get an additional $3,419 in BONUSES. (You do NOT want to miss out on those!)

With an RSD EV Bootcamp You Will...

See live demonstrations of ways to go for the kiss and get a positive reaction EVERY TIME. (These are some of our favorites, not only because the methods themselves are the smoothest we’ve ever seen but because we have absolute newbies kissing girls almost every program.)
Learn how to handle drunk guys, chodes, white knights and all other breeds - disarm them or get rid of them.
Obliterate “rejection.” Understand the simple philosophy that all instructors use to defeat this delusion. Reshape your thought process and adopt the mindset of a man with abundance.
Become totally UNREACTIVE – You’ll learn how to be at the CAUSE and not the EFFECT in social situations. How to draw people into YOUR reality!

Reserve your spot on an RSD EV Bootcamp during this Limited Time offer and get $3,419 in additional value with these 7 Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Lifetime Pass to RSD World Summit and Winter Summit - $2,000 value
BONUS 2: Ev's step by step guide on How To Not Give A Fuck - $100 value
BONUS 3: Personalized style advice to attract 9's and 10's - $100 value
BONUS 4: Guide to getting over a break up - $200 value
BONUS 5: Three follow up Accountability calls after Bootcamp with RSD EV- $500 value
BONUS 6: One free day of Vegas Immersion - $299 value
BONUS 7: 20% off any RSD digital product within 30 days after your Bootcamp - up to $220 value

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